Wednesday Links – December 18

Today is Wednesday, so let’s link it up like a pair of Game Boy Colors.

First up, here’s Cody Zeller and Josh McRoberts playing with sock puppets, via Ball Don’t Lie on Yahoo Sports. I personally love Zeller – what a wacky dude, and clearly a fun-loving teammate. Can’t wait to see these guys in the purple and teal Hornets jerseys next season.


Meanwhile, Shane Battier apparently bought Chris Bosh a telescope for Christmas as part of the best Secret Santa pool ever with the Miami Heat, via Heat Zone. Bosh is a really smart dude who loves science and technology, in case you weren’t aware. He even wrote an Op-Ed piece for titled “Here’s Why You Should Learn to Code” in October!

Spurs coach and legendary curmudgeon Greg Popovich apparently plans on giving Stephen Jackson’s headband to someone for Christmas. RE-GIFT ALERT!

As an early Christmas present to me and all other NBA junkies out there, Haralabos ‘Bob’ Voulgaris, or @haralabob, did a brilliant podcast with Brian Windhorst @! Voulgaris is almost certainly the smartest NBA fan out there, and his Twitter feed on game nights is always the place to be. He tells some fun stories in this podcast about huge bets going right (and wrong) and about how he got his start working in a Winnipeg Airport.

Jack Winter @ Hardwood Paroxysm, one of my favorite sites, did a great piece this week about the difference in a player’s value specific to a team situation, using Ryan Anderson and Tyson Chandler as examples. Brilliant stuff, and helps explain why Ryan Anderson will NEVER be traded for Omer Asik. Like, never ever ever. No.

Sam Gillmer, or @samfredable, of Big City Boulevard penned this great piece about the culture of NBA blogging. Great stuff that really explains how much of a community experience this gig can be.

In one of /r/NBA’s best moments of the season so far, Redditor turlockmike worked out a Bayesian ranking algorithm for all 30 NBA teams so far this season. There is a brilliant discussion that follows, with lots more examples of ways to apply the algorithm and tweaks to it, as well as the final numbers from last season.

For Jesus Shuttlesworth fans (so, everyone alive, basically) there is now a picture of the jersey Ray Allen will wear later this season for the Miami Heat bearing the character’s name when players are allowed to use nicknames for a few games, via Ball Don’t Lie.

And as always, we end on an some uplifting notes: Russell Westbrook hosted a Christmas party and gave presents to foster children in Oklahoma City, via Good on you, Russ – thank you for helping out in your community and making the world brighter for those kids.

Well that’s all the linkin’ I got for you today, folks. Happy reading/watching/GIFing, and I’ll see you a bit later for some Daily Odds. Ciao!

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